Shires Tempest Original Zeb-Tek Fly Combo


Inspired by nature and informed by science, this fly rug uses zebra stripes to deter bothersome flies and biting insects. Scientific research† shows that stripes effectively prevent flies from landing on the horse. Ultra-breathable fabric blocks 80%* of UV radiation.

Blocks biting insects
Adjustable cross surcingles
Fillet strap
Monochromatic technology.
†Scientists’ findings indicate that stripes prevent horse flies from making a controlled landing when up close. Beneficial effects for the horse were seen with fewer flies landing on a horse wearing a zebra print rug, than a naked horse, or solid coloured rug. T.Caro et al. Benefits of zebra stripes: Behaviour of tabanid flies around zebras and horses. Published in PLOS ONE online 20th February 2019. * Effectiveness may diminish over time.

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