Leovet Leather Foam All In One 200ml


Leovet Leather Foam

A creamy grooming foam that cleanses leather, replenishing it’s oils. It preserves and protects with anti-oxidants. Gives a superb shine, too.

Directions: Shake can briefly and eject some foam. Apply the grooming foam directly to the leather, then use a soft cloth to rub off the dirt. Repeat as necessary. Brief buffing will intensify the shine.

Cleansing: Glycerine and a non-foaming tenside remove dirt gently yet thoroughly, but without drying out the leather. In contrast, water and alcohol would dry out the leather and make it brittle.

Grooming: Glycerine replenishes the leather’s oils like a smooth moisturizing agent.

Protection: Anti-oxidants and preservatives form a finish to guard against mould formation and protect against wear.

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