Dengie Meadow Grass With Herbs 15kg


Lincolnshire’s finest meadow grasses are dried, chopped and lightly dressed with rapeseed oil. Topped with a unique blend of herbs including liquorice root, fennel, mint, chamomile and aniseed. High in fibre, highly digestible, ideal for feeding alongside a balancer or supplement to provide a high fibre diet. A very clean source of fibre and so ideal for feeding to competition horses and ponies – can be used as a hay replacer if required. The inclusion of grass pellets provides interest and texture. Naturally sweet, ideal for tempting fussy feeders
Free from artificial flavours, preservatives, molasses and straw.


Straw free, 100% Natural, No Added Sugar.

NON GM Chopped grass, grass pellets,  rapeseed oil, herbs.

DE MJ/kg 11.5, Protein 12%, Oil 10%, Fibre 20%, Sugars 12%, Starch 2%.

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