Noble Equestrian Perfect Fit 3 Season Glove

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The Perfect Fit 3 Season glove is the ultimate piece of kit for riding during season changes. Ideal for chilly winter rides, it blocks wind using a unique, wind-resistant soft shell fabric, helping you to stay warm for longer. The ultra-soft fabric also enables hands to breathe when the weather is milder, giving you optimal comfort throughout the seasons. This Perfect Fit glove is the perfect year-round accessory for any equestrian wardrobe, giving you style as well as function. Available in a range of colours and patterns, you can choose a season-change glove to suit your unique style.
Back of Hand: 90% polyester/ 10% Polyurethane Interlock.
Palm: 50% nylon/ 50% Polyurethane SureGrip synthetic suede palm.
Soft shell material – helps to keep you warm during colder weather while enabling superior ventilation and breathability.
Unique meshing – helps to keep hands cool in the warmer months and aids dexterity during rides.
SureGrip palms and reinforcement – a synthetic suede panel on the palm gives maximum grip, even during wet conditions. The added support for fingers and thumbs helps to reduce hand strain and prevent injury.
Adjustable wrist closure – helps you to achieve the best possible fit and adjust according to comfort.
Double stitched seams – double stitching means your gloves will last longer and are suitable for daily wear.
Touchscreen friendly – enables you to operate your mobile device without the inconvenience of taking off your gloves.
Machine washable – keep your gloves clean without the risk of fading or loss of shape.
Variety of colours and styles – pick from a range of options to complement any riding style.

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