Nettex Supalyx Garlic 6kg


Nettex SUPAlyx Horse and Pony Garlic is a tasty feed, vitamin and mineral lick for horses and ponies with added garlic to support wellbeing, digestive health and to help discourage biting insects.

  • A tasty complimentary feed to help keep your horse or pony happy and healthy.
  • Includes Diamond V unique fermentation product, with a prebiotic function to help nurture hindgut microbial populations and support performance and overall health.
  • Contains garlic to help discourage biting insects and support health and wellbeing.
  • Supports digestive function and appetite.
  • High in naturally sourced protein to support muscle build and repair, healthy skin and coat, and colostrum development in mares. Provided from soya which is a rich natural source of the essential amino acid lysine.
  • Lower sugar, high in nutrition compared to some alternative licks.
  • Less mess, less waste.
  • Comes with a removable handle.
  • For use inside or outside.
  • For peak condition use all year round in order to supply essential nutrients, which may be deficient in pasture or forage.
  • Suitable for use in the stable or field and can be used in conjunction with a rubber tyre, a hanging manger or hard-wearing holder.
  • When feeding more than two horses additional buckets may be required to help discourage bullying.
  • Consumption will be influenced by the number of buckets per head, other feeds available, age of horse and proximity to water. Estimated daily consumption up to 400g per head. Ensure ad-lib roughage and water are always available. Can be fed to foals.
  • Do not feed to sheep.
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