Pet Head Oatmeal Paw Butter 59ml


Pet Head Oatmeal Paw Butter is the ideal rescue balm for sore, cracked paws. Concrete, hard surfaces and weather conditions can cause your dog’s paws to dry out and crack which if left untreated can worsen and in some cases become infected. This rich, soothing butter will repair cracked paws and when used regularly will prevent paws from drying out.

Pet Head Paw Butter contains moisturising olive and coconut oil which will help soften the skin on the paws, soothing Aloe Vera to promote healing and prevent infection and vitamins E and F to help protect your dog’ paws. Other ingredients include mango, oatmeal and shea butter which all work towards repairing your dog’s paws but also gives the paw butter its divine smell! These ingredients are all carefully selected and are free from parabens, mineral oil extracts, propylene glycol, sulphates and alcohol additives. None of Pet Head Products are tested on animals.

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