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The Ancol Nylon Rope Slip Lead is a strong and sturdy slip lead with a leather keeper to ensure the collar formed by the lead remains fixed in position. The long-lasting and supple nylon is woven into a diamond pattern with leather finishing at the joints. Nylon is well-suited for dog leads as it is strong, lightweight, and durable. The Ancol Nylon Rope Slip Lead is also weather-proof, easy to clean, and flexible, meaning the handle is comfortable for owners to grip. Slip leads are a traditional and convenient accessory for working and retrieval dogs and for dogs in training. The slip lead features a ring on one end, allowing the lead to form a loop. The keeper ensures that the loop is made secure. This allows the lead to form a collar; ideal for instance where the dog should not wear a regular collar, such as when retrieving. Sliding the keeper means the collar and lead can easily be removed. Slip leads are sometimes employed as head collars by dog owners to use as a training aid.
This lead is available in five colours: black, two-tone red, green, two-tone blue and two-tone raspberry.
Nylon rope slip lead with ring and keeper. Black. Featuring leather finishing at the joints. 1.5mx8mm Max Weight 20kg.

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2 Tone Blue, 2 Tone Raspberry, 2 Tone Red, Black, Green


120cm x 1.2cm, 120cm x 1cm, 150cm x 0.8cm, 150cm x 1.2cm

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