Canovel Home Blitz (2×3.5g)


•    Room fogger pack for home or professional use.
•    Kills fleas, larvae, mites, ticks, ants, wasps and many other insects.
•    Size: Two 3.5g canisters.
•    Rate of application: Room size 4 m x 3 m = 1 smoke generator.
Room size 4 m x 6 m = 2 smoke generators.
Room size 6 m x 8 m = 3 smoke generators.

Canovel Home Blitz Fumigation Pack contains two smoke generators that kills fleas, larvae, dust mites, ticks, bed bugs, ants, wasps, cockroaches, cluster flies, house flies, moths, carpet beetles, silver fish, weevils and mosquitoes. Ideal for home or professional use.

Our tip? Use in the late afternoon or leave overnight for best results. Always read the label when using insecticide products.



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