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Proudly made in Great Britain, the Ancol Timberwolf Oval Cushion utilizes exquisite tailoring and high-performance surface materials for a thoroughly indulgent bed for your pet. The thick and comfortable padding cushions your pet’s body while they snooze and gently insulates them. The base of the cushion is faux suede while the top of the cushion is covered with a cosy ribbed plush to keep your pet extra warm at night. The Timberwolf Oval cushion is designed with a dimple in the centre, perfect for pets who like to curl up. For simple cleaning, this cushion may be machine washed on a cool wash.
Oval pet cushion in beige and brown. With ribbed plush and faux suede. 45x35cm. Other sizes are available.

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100cm x 60cm, 45cm x 35cm, 60cm x 50cm, 75cm x 55cm, 90cm x 60cm

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